Web Hosting Made Easy - Introduction

Web hosting is a type of service that permits organizations to make their own website accessible to all the online users via the internet. Web hosts provide space on their own server and often also provide internet connectivity. Moreover the web hosts can also provide data centers for the clients. Web hosting services can be solely for file transfer we that is a single file is transferred only or it may involve business web site hosting which is very expensive as compared to personal hosting which is typically free. Moreover above the file page transfer allowed the web hosts may an interface along with other services like e-mail and so on.

Types of Web Hosting

Free web hosting services are service available free but are often with limited services as compared to paid hosting. Dedicated hosting service the user is provided with his/her own web server and has a full control over it. Whereas in managed hosting service the web server is the users but he/she is not allowed to gain total control of it. Cloud hosting is a hosting for the user in which they pay only how much they use as compared to how much they are allowed. In grid hosting the server acts like a grid and is made up of many nodes.


The percentage of time the web hosting web site works is called uptime. If any we host claims to have 99% of average uptime then it means that the site will be down for about 2 hours per month. This data about the web hosts uptime is displayed on the hosts detail page. Moreover some web hosts do offer guarantee for the uptime

Specific Data Sharing Types

There are some data related types of web hosting provided by the web hosters. File hosting providers allow specific files not entire web pages to be made popular on the website Video hosting services allow any sort of videos to be posted like the YouTube service provider. Blog hosting services allow blogs to be posted and reviewed due to these on the website. Shopping cart software- shopping is a craze nowadays. Some websites allow the sale and purchase of many items ranging from clothes to electronics E-mail hosting services allow the email service to be provided by the web host.

Efficient Web Hosting

The efficient web hosting has some basic qualities that make them the leaders in web hosting. Some of the factors that are needed for an efficient web host are reliability, cost factor, ease- of use and moreover also a total control for the user. Moreover a regular backup is also a quality of the good web hosting. Support for the end user should be provided by the efficient web host which makes them come to the top slot. Hence web hosting is necessary to bring forward the websites on the internet or the World Wide Web and it’s also necessary that the web hosting service provider be aware of the requirements of the client. For this the client should give a clear picture to the web hosting service provider.