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Web Hosting Service
Good web hosting is the process of loading the client’s data or web page on the website after considering all requirements of the user and client. Web hosts provide space on their own server and often also provide internet connectivity. Moreover the web hosts can also provide data centres for their clients. Web hosting services can be solely for file transfer we that is a single file is transferred only or it may involve business web site hosting which is very expensive as compared to personal hosting which is typically free. The user is free from the unnecessary ads and also has a domain for itself. A domain name is the addressor the user’s website. It is composed of the numbers and alphabets and this domain name has to be registered before being accessible to the online visitors.

Obtaining Web Hosting Web hosting is often provided as part of a general Internet access plan; there are many free and paid providers offering these types of web hosting. The client needs to search proper web host before starting. The considerations taken in account are software of the database, scripting software and also the type of operating system the web hosting service uses...the widest variety of software is offered in LINUX. Moreover many web hosting companies provide e-mail services also and a huge memory for storage of databases too. Sometimes a customer may want to choose windows itself as the hosting platform. Hence keeping a balance between the web hosting service and the clients need the method of web hosting is selected and the website is posted on the World Wide Web.

Efficient Web Hosting

The efficient web hosting has some basic qualities that make them the leaders in web hosting. Some of the factors that are needed for an efficient web host are reliability, cost factor, ease- of use and moreover also a total control for the user. Moreover a regular backup is also a quality of the good web hosting. Support for the end user should be provided by the efficient web host which makes them come to the top tier.

Domain Name

The first step in web hosting is choosing a domain name. It is the place where the website is located. This domain name issued to access the website from internet explorer or Netscape. The extensions of the domain name differ. Like for e.g. .com means used for commercial web sites. Non-profit organisations use .org, governmental sites have the extension as .gov. hence due to the extension website can be easily differentiated. Moreover the domain name should be catchy and innovative. Moreover it should not be having any trademarked companies similar domain name. Domain name should be registered separately by companies such as and

Why Web Hosting

Hence web hosting is necessary to bring forward the websites on the internet or the World Wide Web and it’s also necessary that the web hosting service provider be aware of the requirements of the client. For this the client should give a clear picture to the web hosting service provider.